Root Canal Therapy


Root canal therapy – or endodontic treatment – is the procedure by which dentists treat nerve damaged teeth. The damage may have been caused by injury, disease or decay. Completion of root canal therapy will save the tooth and is less expensive than having the tooth extracted and replaced.


  • Typically, one to two appointments are required to complete root canal treatment.
  • Following completion of an x-ray, a local anaesthetic is administered.
  • Then, an opening is made through the tooth to expose the nerve and dental pulp.
  • The dentist then removes the infected or damaged nerve and cleans, enlarges and sculpts the root canal which is then filled with a warm, natural rubber compound. An antibacterial agent may also be inserted to prevent infection again. The final step is sealing the tooth.
  • The dentist will place a sedative dressing in the tooth between the visits.
  • This procedure is done with the minimum of discomfort and time that you are required to spend in the dental chair.
  • An interim sedative dressing is placed in the tooth between visits.
  • Additional X-rays are taken throughout the procedure. Your dentist will show you these and explain the treatment as it progresses.
  • The root filled tooth may require a reinforced restoration, such as a crown. Ian will of course discuss this with you.