Preventative Dental Care

Consultations, scaling, cleaning, x-rays

Our mission is to ensure that all our patients, adults and children alike, have a beautiful, healthy smile.

To achieve this, everyone must clean their teeth at least twice a day, using a gentle but thorough brushing action using a soft toothbrush with a small head and fluoride toothpaste.

In addition to home care it is important to have your teeth professionally cleaned.  We recommend that visit our surgery at least twice a year so that you can have your teeth professionally cleaned and a biannual check-up.

Professional teeth cleaning

Dentists refer to professional cleaning of your teeth as scaling and cleaning.  This procedure is designed to remove plaque and tartar that is not removed with normal everyday brushing at home.  Professional cleaning, as well as your home maintenance, will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

How are X-rays Used?

Dentists rely on X-ray images, also called dental radiographs, to help them ensure that your mouth and teeth healthy. By analyzing an x-ray of your mouth and teeth, a dentist can diagnose problems in the teeth and jaws.

X-rays will show:

  • Areas of decay that may not be observed with only a visual examination.
  • Any decay that is developing beneath an existing filling.
  • Any cracks or damage in an existing filling.
  • Possible bone loss associated with periodontal (gum) disease.
  • Problems in the root canal, such as infection or death of the nerve.

X-rays assist the dentist to:

  • Plan, prepare and place tooth implants, orthodontic treatments, dentures or other dental work
  • Observe abnormalities such as cysts, cancer and changes associated with metabolic and systemic diseases (such as Paget's disease and lymphoma)