Family and Children’s (Pediatric) Dentistry

Pelican Waters Dental Surgery is a family practice, and we are delighted to look after every member of your family.

We aim to make every visit by your children to our surgery a comfortable experience for both you and your children.

We try to encourage children to adopt good habits in dental hygiene as early as possible.

Your child’s first teeth are their lower central incisors, followed by the upper central incisors at around 4 months’ old. Usually, all 20 of your child’s primary teeth have erupted by the time they reach 3 years old but this varies from child to child.

You should begin oral care of your child soon after birth by cleaning your baby’s gums after each feed with a clean, damp cloth. As soon as your child has teeth, regular brushing of their teeth should commence, using a soft wet toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste.  You should supervise their brushing to ensure that they brush their teeth well.  We will be happy to show you how your children should brush their teeth.  Bring your children in for their first dental visit between the ages of 6 and 12 months.

We will discuss with you the importance of regular fluoride treatments and dental checks.

Your child’s permanent teeth start to come through at about age 6. By adulthood, people will have 28 permanent teeth (32 including wisdom teeth).

We provide complimentary tooth brushes and children’s toothpaste, as well as little gift bags with stickers and balloons promoting the importance of good dental hygiene. Our surgery is child friendly with quality toys and books to help you keep your children happy while waiting for their appointment.